The Final Oola ❤️🙌🏼


Oh my gosh! I did it! We’ve made it to Day 21 of the Oola Challenge 🙌🏼❤️

Here’s the excerpt from the Oola Guys—

Today it’s time to learn about the last OolaAccelerator: wisdom. 

Every day we have the opportunity to learn something. We can learn from our successes, failures, falls, and blessings. All of these experiences teach us new things about the world, others, and ourselves. We can also learn from others and their experiences. We see our loved ones, coworkers, friends, and even strangers go through elation, heartbreak, pain, and triumph. We can learn by watching their example, but we can also learn by asking them about their experience. 

Today’s #OolaYLChallenge is to reflect on an area in which you’re struggling, a concern that’s keeping you preoccupied, something you’re interested in, or a state of being that you want to continue to grow. We always tell you to “dream big” when it comes to your goals. For this challenge, we encourage you to “ask big” so you can learn from the experiences of others. 


Y’all. FINALLY a day that I feel I do pretty well. I mean….when it comes to being preoccupied and struggling…I’ve got my expert badge 😂😂😂 But, seriously…I also feel like I do a pretty fair job of asking questions and trying to learn from the experiences of others, both personally and professionally. I’m so thankful for my communities of oilers, moms, servicemembers and family. They keep me sane…mostly 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

But, all of the Oola challenges and the other unfinished challenges I’m working to wrap up are all designed to bring about personal awareness and growth. I crave that so much. I think that’s why I was so pumped to embark on that journey to “finish what I started” this month…sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start. And I feel like that’s also the heart of today‘s Oola Challenge…

You have to understand the problem to know how to ask the question. You have to understand yourself to know your passion and purpose in order to better seek after it. 

In the Army we often say this about new Soldiers or trainees…you don’t know what you don’t know until you know you don’t know it. 😳 It sounds crazy but it’s totally valid. 

And that’s what I’m after with all of these. It’s a search for the questions…not just the answers. A journey…not a destination, if you will. 

But, man oh man…am I excited to see where it goes ❤️

Today’s Good Stuff—

  1. Despite not great sleep last night…I still managed a great swim this morning for my first alternate event Army Physical Fitness Test. I prayed hard and I oiled hard. I also stressed hard but we aren’t gonna talk about that 😂 Thank heavens for Cypress, AromaSiez, Deep Relief and Cool Azul Pain Cream. I went to bed with achy joints and stiff muscles (nervous tension?)….so, I layered these on before bed and the. Reapplied this morning to my right shoulder as it seemed to be “catching” as I rotated it while warming up. Each time I felt a flood of warmth and tingling…I could feel everything relaxing and feeling more lubricated and ready to go to work. Praise Jesus! 🙌🏼
  2. My son had a checkup at the dentist today to see about his top front teeth. A few months ago, the night before his last cleaning, he face planted into the floor and knocked them loose. He’s not quite 4…so, the idea of loose teeth, nerve damage, root canals and more was terrifying. But, thankfully, it appears they’ve solidified their hold and are standing firm. Unfortunately, we won’t know if there’s any damage to the enamel of the adult teeth forming behind them until they come in but I’m praying we were able to protect and save them!
  3. My kiddos both drifted off to sleep without much fanfare tonight. After last night’s misadventures…I’m praying that’s a sign of things to come tonight. Everyone could use a good nights rest despite the storm brewing outside. So…we’ve got Sleepyize with Surrender in the diffusers and I’m about to rub down Abby with some Relaxation Massage Oil….here’s hoping that does the trick and that these storms don’t get worse and set off the Tornado alarms tonight 😬

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