God is in Control


Oh my gosh. I’ve been working on completing some self-studies I’ve started (and repeatedly not finished) on my blog. Today, I am reviewing day 1 of 21 Days of Prayer for Your Business from an amazing leader in my team.

Today is about giving God control. This is something I’ve been working on so hard for the last couple of years…because if anything teaches you that you aren’t in control…it’s parenting. 🙄 #amiright 😂

As we prepare our family for a year apart (and my last year in the Army), I’ve been faced with a lot of moments where I had to admit my own limits and just let go of control (in come- housekeeper, au pair, and virtual assistant). But it’s more than that…I’m not turning my life over to these new people…

I’m having faith that God brought them into my life to answer my prayers and take care of me and my babies. I’m trusting that His plan and His timing are perfect for me.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

A few months ago, despite feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, I said yes to the opportunity to work with a special group of women in my Young Living oil community. I’m not sure why I did but…being surrounded by these amazing women of diverse backgrounds who are chasing their dreams beside me…has been such an inspiration. They have helped me see things in new perspectives and have lifted me up in ways they probably don’t even realize. I feel so proud to be in their presence.

Today, as I was taking my lunch break and reading this lesson and reflecting on control (or my lack thereof), faith and this journey…the doorbell rang and this lovely bouquet arrived from my Diamond Sisterhood group.❤️😭❤️😭

No question. The more control I give up…the more I follow where He leads, the richer my life becomes. Over and over and over. My husband, my kids, my birth and chosen family and my tribe of support on this journey…His plan and His timing are always perfect for me.

If you are interested in the 21 Days of Prayer series- look for @youinfuse on Instagram or go to https://linktr.ee/youinfuse to join the online program or grab a copy of the workbook for yourself. It is such a blessing! And it’s not oil specific. Monique McLean is a Young Living Royal Crown Diamond but she wants to bless everyone with the knowledge of God’s love and His plans to work in our lives! ❤️

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