Purpose, Passion & Priorities


Excerpt from the Oola Guys—

Passion is a clear OolaAccelerator. If life were a card game, passion is the trump card. If your passion is strong enough, it has the ability to trump many of the OolaBlockers including fear, anger, and laziness. 


Today’s #OolaYLChallenge is to link your passion to the life you visualize.


Wow. What a day. A couple of things happened…

  1. I slept in. 😱 Praise Jesus and thank Drew!! 🙌
  2. I got to rock my sweet little to sleep for nap because she played too hard all morning. But she won’t be that small for long and I had the patience, energy and bandwidth to realize that fact and cherish the moment. 
  3. We went to see the movie Tully. And it was gut wrenching….it’s a comedy. 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️ But the real and raw reality just hit too close to home. It was soooo good. The movie was followed up with an absolutely incredible meal…which is also gonna make a life changing Mother’s Day breakfast 🙌
  4. A light went out of this world. RIP D. Gary Young. The farmer and founder of Young Living Essential Oils. The originator is the dream I am now chasing for freedom- of time, of wellness and finance. His vision is providing for my purpose, wellness and abundance. And I’m so grateful. 

The amazing thing…all of those things are “good stuffs” I don’t know even have to hunt tonight. And they represent my passions- my family (being able to be positively present and making memories) and my business (which provides wellness and freedom to make the most of family time). 

Sometimes those two things seem to collide…along with some of the other hats I wear (#Armylife)…I have so many ideas, hopes and dreams for my business and for my family…and I never seem to have enough time to get it all done. But, Tully showed me the danger of letting that pressure continue to build. My business may not be growing how I thought it should but it’s still an amazing blessing with so much potential and I know His timing is always perfect. 

Maybe this is a sign that the little step back I’ve been forced to take is not the damning personal failure I believed it to be…maybe it’s confirmation that I’ve let my priorities focus where they needed to be in THIS moment. Time is precious. Moments are just that…and they don’t last forever ❤️

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